276 Salon Du Cheval d’El Jadida
The colors of vibrant Morocco, the vast desert, the spectacular Tbourida featuring teams of hard-charging Barbs, provided an evocative backdrop to the two Arabian shows — one for Moroccan-breds and an International “A” show, by Caroline Reid

Vol. 57, No. 3

around the world

244 34th All Nations Cup Festival
The metamorphosis from show to festival began in 2015, but one thing has not changed: the horses, the fabulous horses, the best from Germany and around the world, by Betty Finke

266 2016 European Championships
A simpler, more conventional show; but for all that, it had its share of magic moments, by Betty Finke



72 American Endurance Ride Conference: National 50- & 100-Mile Championships 
You can’t get much closer to the spirit of the Wild West than riding among the buffalo, by Genie Stewart Spears



81 The Pyramid Society’s 2016-2017 Yearbook
(“P” refers to placement within the Pyramid Yearbook beginning on page 81) 

8P Pyramid Table of Contents

10P President’s Perspective

18P 36th Egyptian Event Highlights

28P 2016 Egyptian Event Sponsors

36P Back to His Roots: Imperial Madheen
One of the most significant sires in modern straight Egyptian breeding, by Betty Finke

46P Arabian Horse World — Highlighting the Egyptian Arabian

50P Members in Motion

60P New Life Members

63P Life Members

66P International Showring Stars

72P Guardians of the Treasure

74P The Egyptian Breeders’ Challenge

80P Business Partners

81P Cover Story: Arabians Ltd.
Thirty-eight years ago Judy Sirbasku and her late husband Jim embarked on a journey led by a single passion: breeding Egyptian Arabians, by Jeffrey Wintersteen

114P Performance Horse Award Program

116P Reference Handbook of Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses Worldwide Volume XIII

120P Egyptian Breeder Profiles

124P Egyptian Stallion Profiles

127P Pyramid Index of Advertisers


u.s. nationals

46 View From the Center Ring — 2016 U.S. Nationals Performance
This year is the fiftieth anniversary of our first stand-alone National Championship … today we have a vast array of classes that couldn’t have been imagined fifty years ago, by Gary Dearth


215 Scottsdale Arabian Farms
(“S” refers to placement within the Scottsdale farm brochure beginning on page 215) 

8S The Arabian Horse, by Cynthia Culbertson

18S Our Life with Arabian Horses

21S Scottsdale Farm Tours Map


36 Guest Editorial: Getting to the Point(s)
Since the point score judging system was introduced, scores have been getting higher and higher, by Betty Finke

210 Moments in Time — A Walk in the Park
Kaisoon quickly became the most visited and most famous Arabian stallion in Germany, by Betty Finke

265 The USEF Ruling on Shanking, Part 4 – A Conversation with Michael Byatt
Our continuing series regarding recent USEF rule changes and the halter division, by Cindy Reich

286 Equine Ulcers, Part 2
Part two of our two-part series on ulcers in horses covers ulcer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, by Mark DePaulo, DVM



8 This Month’s Web Exclusives at www.arabianhorseworld.com

10 What in The World — December
Winter settles upon us, and soft, plush coats replace the horses’ radiant, summer sheen from warmer days, by Morgan Moore

212 Stud Farm Diaries: December Duties
December on the stud farm is a deceptively busy time, by Cindy Reich

284 At the Waterhole

289 Arab Year

294 Map & Index


upcoming features

43 Arabian Horse World’s Racing Yearbook in March

71 Arabian Horse World Sponsors AWPA Futurity

209 Stallions in January and March

236 Scottsdale SSS Brochure in January

243 Totally Tops in March

293 Upcoming Issues 

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